Sue Gilbert, Shari Queen, and Debbie Carver

Jeremiah Hall  says "God Bless America" on July 4th, 2017

We had a wonderful time serving together in the Stop Hunger Now project at St. Albans Church in Hickory on March 4, 2017! 

Becky and R.B. Robb with Bobbie Grant, and some young folks!    

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Our church looked beautiful on July 4th, 2017! 

Pastor Susan was installed on October 30, 2016

Bert Tish, Donna Calhoun, Kathy Tish and Heather Tish 

Bert and Kathy Tish with Rev. Reggie Longcrier

Casey Craig, Ashely, Tut Robinson, Carol Rose  

Congratulations to new members Micah and Dana Parris and Dave Tuno who joined on July 9, 2017! 

Pastor Susan's family came on Family and Friend's Day on 4/30/17 - left to right   daughter and partner Rachael and Heather Pritchard,  Connie Pritchard, grandsons Talon and Phoenix Pritchard and husband Neil Walker.      

Pastor Susan - get to know her!

Don Carver and Steve Leonard

Congratulations to the new members of Emanuel Reformed Church! Left to right Brian Ferson with son Brice, Tiffany Ferson with daughters Mikayla and Kennedy, Ritha Sims, Jean Tuno, Bridget Tuno, Howard Carpenter and Catie Brown. 

Pastor Susan and her husband Neil with their grandson Ollie!

Charles Ramsey, Jane and Cecil Perkins